Adult Life Groups

Age GroupLife Group MakeupLiife Group NameTeacher
College & Career Singles Life Builders David & Katie Hagler
30 + Singles Light Seekers Mike Hardy
Adult Coupes with or without children Couples Crusaders Aaron Tomhave
30 something and then some Couples The Journey Shelton Easley
Any lady under 40...or so Ladies Grace Wendy Sharp
30s & 40s Couples Home Builders Daymon Gilbert
40s & 50s Couples Jars of Clay Jeff McKnight
50+ Couples Heaven Heirs Sammy Atkinson
50's Ladies The Vineyard Martha Marshall
50+ Couples CorssRoads Don Blunt
50s & 60s Couples Lighthouse Charles Bordelon
55+ Coed Faithful Followers Louis Rhoden



Faithful Pilgrims

Ken & Emma Hartman

Caroyn Byrd

All ages of adults Coed Fellowship Guy Hancock

Bible Study Blog