THE LITTLES is the name of the nursery area of the FIRST KIDS Children's Ministry. This ministry is designed for new borns up to 2 year olds. 

Check In Area: You will be greeted at the Check In Welcome Counter and asked to sign in your child. You will recieve two name tags with your childs name on it. You will keep one and the other goes with you child. This tag is your security tag in order to pick up your child at the end of the service.

Room 1: Bed Babies - This room is design for new borns up to when they begin to crawl. This room includes a private room for nursering moms. 

Room 2: Crawlers - Once your child begins to crawl she/he will be moved to Crawlers Room. This room is design with all the needs of a crawler.

Room 3: Walkers - Once your child progresses from crawling to walking she/he will be moved to the walkers room. This room is desgned with all the needs of a walking child. Once your child is potty train they will be promoted to the 2 year old room in the FIRST KIDS Preschool Area.