Student Mission Opportunities



Each year we encourage our students to pray and see where God would have them serve, or in what capacity He would have them serve in. Encounter student ministries strongly believes in mission work and serving the people around you to make an impact. We strive for all of students to adopt what we call the 3 S's of student missions before they commit to a trip, and live it out while they are serving. The 3 S's are:

  1.  Send me attitude- This comes from Isaiah 6:8 "Send me, I'll go"
  2. Servant's Heart- we want the students to realize its is not about them, but about the people they are serving.
  3. Sacrifice your comfort zone- we want the students to step out of the comfort zone and allow God to use them in ways that they would have never imagined.




Spring Break 2018

GO: Houston

Date: March 12-16

Location: Houston, TX

What: Helping with rebuilding and repair efforts for Harvey Victims.

This spring break we will be staying "home" and helping with Harvey relief efforts. Why should we go far off when people in our own backyard need our help? So we will be partnering up with Rebuild South Texas, a non profit started immediately after harvey hit, and helping with their rebuild and repair efforts. There will be multiple groups scattered all over the Houston Metroplex, so it will be nice to play a small part. 

Would you consider staying home over spring break and helping with these efforts? 

Look for pricing details, lodging details, etc to come out really soon.


How to sign up?

1. Click here to get signed up

2. Pick up packet in Student Center

**You must do both to be registered**