Get to know Troy.

Joy and I met at the church where her dad was pastor and I served as music minister.

We have Jacob, currently in college, and Abi, who goes to Porter High School

I like anything by Joel Rosenberg or David Platt.

We love going on cruises because it's the perfect combination of being lazy and having some adventures!

My parents! Dad and Mom weren't perfect, but I learned so much about parenting from them. They loved us with their time and with their resources!

I'm pretty much an open book so there's not much people don't know. I'm TERRIBLE at sports!!

I laugh at the silliest things... usually those spontaneous moments when the smallest goofball moment tickles my funny bone and I can't stop laughing!!

My proudest accomplishments are named Jacob and Abi!

An exhaustive book of survival tips and instructions - otherwise I'd be in serious trouble!!

My favorite days are always spent with the people I love. Breakfast and a hike with Jacob, Rock climbing and lunch with Abi, and a romantic dinner with Joy.

Not a super big sports fan, but I will always root for the Astros!

Anything Disney!

Steak, garlic potatoes, sauteed veggies, a salad, and buttermilk pound cake!

I LOVE to play dominoes or cards with friends!

I love watching people worship and helping them to let go and sing!

Check my socks on most days and you'll see Captain America. He's my favorite!

Heights! I'm terrified of high places, but have found myself in situations where I've had to face that fear.


Stephen Curtis Chapman - old school Christian artist from my days in high school and college

I wanted to be a veterinarian until I realized that the sight of blood makes my stomach queasy!!